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Recent content by McLongShaft

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    Yuneec's 'New' Charger

    Firstly, I'm not sure if this has been mentioned already, I couldn't find anything. I'm not sure when this appeared but I haven't seen it until now. Chargers and Batteries : A10 Dual Output Charger AC/DC 110~240V Yuneec have released a decent charger and battery adapters for the H batteries...
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    3D & 2D Mapping with the Typhoon H

    I made that model using Drone Deploy, you can create a few things for free each month. I tried to get it to work once before, but found out I was taking photos in raw, for the photos to save GPS and altitude metadata they have to be taken in jpg. I'm not sure if they've recently fixed Drone...
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    3D & 2D Mapping with the Typhoon H

    Hi everbody. I just thought I'd share something I've been up to with the H recently with you! I've taken to 2D and 3D mapping and my first attempt can be viewed here, http://drdp.ly/AO1mJW . I don't think its too bad, although due to the location of the trees and the angles I flew, one side of...
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    Is that battery charged?

    I use an app called LiPo Watch on my iPhone, it's great, as soon as I run a battery down I check to see what the voltage is on the ST16 (under minimal load, I'll land and wait a few minutes) then mark it on the app for that battery. It's great for keeping a cycle count and seeing which battery...
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    Any ideas on roughly how much it would cost you to send to England, UK via not too slow a service? Just so that I can get an idea
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    I'd be interested in the ST16. How much are you after and where are you based? Would you post internationally to the UK if needs be?
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    Flight Mode App Hack by Dronie!

    I'd be happy to pay! Nothing good is free in life anyway. Count me in
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    CCC editor online - Version 1.7C

    This is probably asking too much, but I'd love to be able to have the H stop at each waypoint in CCC and automatically take a photo then carry on, on its course. For mapping and 3D modelling purposes. That's the only thing I wish the H could do that the DJI fellas can do. Probably too much to...
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    App to ease watching the MP4 videos on iPad.

    The iPad is pretty MP4 friendly, MP4/M4V are the formats that the iPad/Apple products love. But if you're looking for a free app to play all sorts of formats then your best bet is with VLC. It's a great app. Depending on which iPad you have it may not be able to handle 4K or higher frame rate...
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    Important TyphoonH_Ver2.24_A.bin

    Thought I throw my test and findings into the mix. I've just done the update, first time I've updated since I purchased the H. Never experienced any issues before so I thought there's not much point updating. That being said, the trim option really appealed to me so I jumped in and went with...
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    Added Second Camera on My H

    Can you show us a photo of what it looks like attached to your H when you get a chance? Sounds pretty amazing! Personally, I've often wondered about putting an FPV camera on the H. I know there's a mod for the inspire that looks nice and sleak, but nothing for the H yet. I'd like to be able to...
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    What a difference

    Have you done anything to the video in post? Sharpened at all? What mode was this shot in on the H if you don't mind me asking. Do you have any videos from your old CGO3+ from before you sent it away to yuneec?
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    Camera Resolution?

    I'm completely agree Bob. If we imagine that with the standard optics 1 pixel takes up 2cm of ground space or of an object then by that same means, a narrower FOV would produce something like 1 pixel to 1.5cm. Of course the number in this aren't correct, but the principal would stand true. I...
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    Alright everybody!

    Hi Anita Hardcock, love the name; though I doubt it's really yours but it would be great if it t'were. Finally somebody with a similar sense of humour! I'm always free to help out in any way I can, and I mean any. Happy to show a new dronemaster/mistress the ropes and help them gain a firm...
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    Camera Resolution?

    For point number 1: I don't think that the untrained eye would notice much difference. With a higher bit rate you'd get more information which would help with post processing, but it's like the old saying (well a saying that I've just made up), 100Mb/s vs 50Mb/s still looks the same when shot...