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Recent content by MikeS

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    Flyaway? First one?

    I don't have the H but I did own the 920 for a while. Not sure if the software is the same but I have a feeling it is similar. This is a total guess on my part but I think when you engage the RTH switch the software will only allow very limited amount of control input, after all you are telling...
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    Can anyone tell me what the tornado is like as a pro tool?

    The radio I'm taking about is the transmitter. Don't know how it flies. I'm sure it is rock solid. They haven't officially released it yet. I think the release date is July. I've been told that the ones you see on YouTube are people testing them. GH4 will work. I shot test video with the CGO4...
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    Can anyone tell me what the tornado is like as a pro tool?

    The 920 is $3500 and comes with two batteries no camera. Of course you can't use any of your DJI cameras with it so you will need to spend another $2500 for a camera. The M-600 is $4599 and it comes ready to fly just like the Inspire, less the camera and the case. Comes with the radio and two...
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    Can anyone tell me what the tornado is like as a pro tool?

    Yes, I don't trust anyone else flying my birds either. I'm using the Olympus 12mm and 25mm now and I"m happy. Being a Inspire Pro pilot I will guarantee that you will recoil if you get the 920 for the reasons I mentioned. I have always believed in having a good machine but I want a "system" of...
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    Can anyone tell me what the tornado is like as a pro tool?

    I had the 920 and sent it back to B&H. You might want to look over the reviews at B&H. I traded for the Inspire 1 Pro. The software will set the Inspire apart. So many options and growing all the time. One thing that you will find out when trying to video from a moving drone is how hard it is to...
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    Tornado H920 Flight Modes & other questions

    You can check out this review at B&H YUNEEC Tornado H920 Hexa-Copter with ST24 Transmitter YUNH920US
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    Any artificial height limits for Tornado?

    For what it's worth Yuneec can take the 400' restriction away if you have a 333 exemption. In the USA the FAA sets the limits of 400' AGL. Seems logical that you would need the 333 to get this lifted. You might think, why would they lift it since the 333 says no higher than 400' BUT it's...
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    Tornado H920 Updates Requested!

    New to the forum and new to the H920. Love the machine. Very Very professional!! Here are some things I would love to see updated or changed in the H920 plus a few other thoughts. 1) Does anyone know if you can use the USB interface and change the AGL limits or use software to interface in any...