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Tornado H920 Updates Requested!

Mar 28, 2016
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New to the forum and new to the H920. Love the machine. Very Very professional!!
Here are some things I would love to see updated or changed in the H920 plus a few other thoughts.

1) Does anyone know if you can use the USB interface and change the AGL limits or use software to interface in any way with the H920? Haven't seen it but that doesn't mean Yuneec can't supply the software. Haven't called them yet but planning to.

2) Although usable, I would like to be able to change the 26' safe distance when flying in smart mode. If the distance could be changed Yuneec could/should program the aircraft not to start the rotors if inside the safe area. We may have that ability now but I can't find it on the 920. I think 10' to 15' is more realistic if you wanted/needed to use it.

3) We should be able to change the 33' max height when in return to home mode. The 33 ceiling is just not enough especially if the pilot is in trouble and can't interact with the bird while it's coming home. If Yuneec was going to allow only one height, a more realistic number would be between 125' and 150' . That would get it above the trees and most water towers. Don't understand 33' number, how did someone come up with 33'? I would think it could be a simple software fix. Besides DJI has that ability!

4) I would like to see a smaller landing area when using the return to home mode made even pinpoint if possible. I know there are other issues to think about and there's probably no perfect solution. I think, while in return to home mode, the bird really should come back and land as near the take off spot as possible. With American and Russian satellites being used why not!! All the pilot has to do is just not stand near the take off spot and all will be OK. What about upgrading the system with collision avoidance?

4) Obviously waypoints are huge. I think Yuneec calls it curved cable cam built into the Typhoon H. It would be disappointing if they produced a machine that cost this much with no way to make future updates. Someone said that he didn't think the H920 could use waypoints because there's not enough computing power in the copter. Computing power and ram memory are cheap today so it's hard for me to believe that comment. You know the H920 was being developed near the same time as the Typhoon H so they should/could have built in some expandability. I have even heard people take about the next generation of the Tornado. This machine has only been on the market for about five months. I don't expect the a new version out till next year if then.

LOVE this machine. It just needs some software tweeking.
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I agree - have written some ideas to Yuneec and have been told it was good.
Whether or not they use any of the end user ideas is up to them ... but the should pay attention if they want a better product ... and sales .... supply to the needs !
I totally agree with both of you!

Considering the large sum of money the Tornado has cost, and assuming Yuneec are aiming at the commercial/professional operator market, it should be a no-brainer that a firmware update is provided to enable 'standard' market features such as:-
  • Waypoint navigation (that can be stored for future use); and
  • Height adjustable altitude limits (so I can confidently apply to CASA (or FAA if in the USA) to go higher for bespoke assignments required from Clients)
I have a good aircraft that needs firmware improvements to make it a long-term option for my business .... otherwise I will have to reluctantly move from Yuneec to other manufacturers that can provide these standard features in today's professional market.

I trust the Yuneec representatives monitor this site and take on-board these suggestions......I'd love to hear from them :)
They need a GUI, being able to set the ceiling to 400 ft or overcome it after you get clearance is a standard requirement!
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