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Recent content by ofg

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    Only getting about 150 foot video range

    Will do. I may eventually get a high dollar antenae outfit, but would like to get the most from the stock equipment for sure. I should be able to test journey and square antennae on monday or tuesday.
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    Only getting about 150 foot video range

    Next issue with h plus. Im only getting about 150 foot video range before it starts pixelating, going cloudy, fading in and out. Control range seems fine. Video has been short range from new. Seems like even stock antenna should give probaly 10 times that range. Mine came with 2 different...
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    journey mode doing strange thing

    Yeah. I dont know why I thought it should fly forward. I didnt realize journey was to capture a cinematic view of the ground station or near. I figured journey was for the pilot to see where it was going. So,, it all makes sense now. Ive got to try again ASAP.
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    journey mode doing strange thing

    That makes sense. I used the instructions on the st16. So, in journey mode, it SHOULD fly backwards? However, camera should be angled slightly DOWN? This way it will keep the subject in focus, and journey up away and then back? I think that makes sense.
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    Yuneec or DJI

    Ive got an h plus and a mavic air. So far, the h plus has been a bit glitchy,, or perhaps I just dont know how to make it work correctly?
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    hplus and mavic air owner

    Hello. Ive got a new h plus and a mavic air. Years ago I built a few hobby king drones. Tried to get an apm drone working but had issues with gps. Now about 5 years later, i have 2 of the finest ready made drones ever created. Lots of questions regarding the h plus. Hope the community can help.
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    journey mode doing strange thing

    I recently wanted to try journey mode on my h plus. I angled the camera slightly up, got the drone about 20 ft high, and about 30ft away from controller. I left distance at 30m, and rate at 5mps. Stock factory settings. So, when I press ok, it gives a fault, switching to angle gimbal mode. The...