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Recent content by Prince R Harden

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    Aloha from New Mexico!

    Well thank you very much hopefully someday I'll get to be able to travel again but because of the weather and this Colbert 19 makes a little hard to do anything right now. Hopefully I'll get you on the air again and have fun flying your drone I love my H Pro I will always fly this drone...
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    Aloha from New Mexico!

    Well thank you very muchG thanks
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    Aloha from New Mexico!

    Well hello my friend welcome to the firm you are in Mexico I hear the weather has been bad there. I am in Pennsylvania weather has been not so good here as well. I am a retiree with three years from the state I am also a drone pilot I've been flying the typhoid H ever since they first come out...
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    Finally flew the H+

    Well hello everyone it has almost been a year since I’ve been on this thing. I am glad to hear there are some people steal running the Typhoon H I bought my H Pro when they first came out . It was my first drone when I first got it I crashed it twice and asked because I did not know how to fly...
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    Gifi 8050mAh Battery Test

    I have the same battery I purchased mine in January of this year. I just finished flying in 30 mile when and I had 18 minutes of flight time. On a good day I can get 20 to 21 minutes out of my battery. They are very good batteries I intend to stock up before you run out. Ray
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    Hay picture, photo bombed

    sorry to say but that's not a drone . If it's not a drone and if is not a military sauce then I think we all know what it is. It's the same most people don't think we have visitors from other places. But we do so less get over that.
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    New here

    oh by the way I'm not on often but hope to hear from you take care
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    New here

    well hello they welcome so you are in western Pennsylvania while I am in Pennsylvania as well . a place called pot to grow PA . outside of Pottstown . congratulation on your 107 . I fly TH Pro I do not have my 107I am a novice I do certain things with my drone volunteer for emergencies...
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    ST16s battery external charge lead? Does it exist?

    Hey guys if you want to save time and money on the S T 16 and ST 16 S all you have to do is plug it into your wall AC power . and all you have to do is look at the monitor on the screen when the battery shows up for testing you'll be in good shape when it works fine on the AC power...
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    CGOet Camera for H520

    How much is that in American money
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    Findings found no proof of Drone Near Uk Airport

    Have you ever known the TV give you real news all the time. you can change a station in each one of them give you something different about something . you always find the real truth online. we don't have to wonder who's behind all of this. I guess that's why they call it fake news .
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    Telemetry video overlay

    That is fantastic I wish I can do some like that .
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    Smart mode

    you are so right about that . smart mode can be very dangerous .