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Recent content by Riktar

  1. Riktar

    Yuneec Pilots Locations Map

    The placement is fine. Thanks!
  2. Riktar

    Yuneec Pilots Locations Map

    Please update my location to Zipcode 53228. Thanks!
  3. Riktar

    Just bought an h pro

    Consider the response time to stick inputs. It will be WAAY slower than what you are used to. Be prepared for the difference. IE: The handling charictaristics of a Corvette is significantly different than a Silverado and require different driving techniques on the road.
  4. Riktar

    SOLD: H Plus for Sale

    PM coming...
  5. Riktar

    Back in shape!

    Glad your back in the swing of things! And yes, health issues can put quite a load/burden on a person. I went through a rough patch a year ago and I am still feeling the effects from the struggle. But as to your "sux" comment.... While I have a few laps around Sol in the great rat race of life...
  6. Riktar

    3 yr old Typhoon H

    Have you considered going with a 3rd party adapter? That way you could use any battery that fit the adapter and save some money. Not to mention tailor the price of the battery to the time you desire keeping the H in the air. Link to one vendor on Ebay selling an adapter for the H: Typhoon H480...
  7. Riktar

    What do you think

    On my H480 satellite acquisition is noticeably quicker. And the tower mod still fits in the Yuneec backpack/case as a bonus. The mod is well worth the cost and time in my opinion. 👍
  8. Riktar

    How to convert the cgo3 plus to fit the q500 plus

    Just for the sake of asking.... If using a ST16 controller that is bound to a Q500, THEN would the use of a CGO3+ camera be possible?
  9. Riktar

    Hello from San Antonio, Texas

    Welcome to the BEST forum on the planet for Yuneec info!! I have the Q500 4K and the Typhoon H 480. I wasn't looking to purchase a 480 but came across a deal that (at the time) was irresistible. My flying is strictly LOS and (with my vision not being what it was 20 years ago) pretty much stays...
  10. Riktar

    Battery Conversion Q500

    Mine came a few days ago and I will echo 7cyclops compliment!
  11. Riktar

    Yuneec Drone with Camera 4K Foldable RC Quadcopter

    I make it a point of fact to check the selling vendor when it comes to Newegg and Amazon listings and (with few exceptions) purchase "sold by" Amazon and Newegg items and ignore the 3rd party stuff.
  12. Riktar

    Yuneec Drone with Camera 4K Foldable RC Quadcopter

    And IF anyone is interested in checking this drone out for almost half the price..... https://www.amazon.com/Foldable-Controlled-Quadcopter-Wide-Angle-Headless/dp/B08344NSJ4
  13. Riktar

    GPS Acquiring, Not Ready

    Where are you located?
  14. Riktar

    DNGs What do I do with them?

    I will echo the suggestion for Photoshop Elements. I bought it (on sale) just for the ability to open DNG files from Yuneec. I tried Aftershot 3 but it can't read Yuneec DNG files which is really odd since Paintshop Pro can read them. Problem is the ability to adjust key elements of the "RAW"...
  15. Riktar

    Hello from Chicago Area

    I also am looking forward to any creations you may develop for the Typhoon H!