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Typhoon H with extra stuff - SOLD

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Jan 4, 2017
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Greenfield, WI
Since I have moved back to the "city" I have no flying places readily available. I originally bought the Typhoon H to do mapping and surveying of the (225 acre) property I used to manage.

It has never crashed but did suffer a tip over during a windy landing that resulted in several of the props being damaged and the slip ring motor on the CGO3+ becoming disconnected. I picked up some replacement props and replaced the slip ring motor so the camera works just dandy.

I would prefer to do a local sale vs shipping due to the whole lithium battery thing. Also I prefer a local sale to demonstrate functionality of the stuff.

Items in the sale include:

Typhoon 480 H (Duh) with CGO3+ camera

Yuneec wizard controller (never used it)

STS16 transmitter x 2. Yup, I have 2 complete ST16 controllers for separate drone and camera control.

2 original Yuneec batteries. Always put in storage mode when not in use. No swelling at all. Not sure how much of a charge they hold since it has been awhile since I used the drone. When the weather improves (I am a "fair weather - 65 degree + flier) I will put a full/operational charge on the batteries and do a hover test in the backyard to see how long they last.

EV-PEAK DY3 twin battery charger. I purchased this after I lost (please don't ask) the original charger.

Hobby unlimited H480 battery adapter. Allows charging the Typhoon batteries with a NON-Yuneec battery charger.

Yuneec UAV usb dongle. Handy for honing your skills before flying your H480.

Backpack carrying case. Nice way to pack up and take the drone out flying. While it doesn't have space for the extra ST16 radio or the EV-Peak charger, everything else is in a nice protected container.

I did purchase the UAV Toolbox (very handy piece of add on software) that is installed on the ST16 transmitters. I will check with the author to see if it is ok to include the software with the sale.

Now of course comes the part where I post a price. I am going to put $500 here for the whole kit and caboodle. Feel free to offer more if this is too low. ;)

I really don't want to sell stuff separately but will consider it IF, (and this is a really BIG IF) I get all the items being asked for in a reasonable amount of time.

And again, local sale is what I would prefer.

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