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Recent content by S1lent

  1. S1lent

    Did Yuneec drop their support for the Mantis?

    Hello fellow pilots, I've been flying my Mantis for over a year now, and still love the device. Around 2 months ago, Yunnec released a Pilot App on Google Store, and downloaded it. Didn't have the chance to use it though. While I'm typing this, I want to go out and fly the device, so I'm bist...
  2. S1lent

    Any news on the pilot app for Android

    Very strange. I noticed just now that they pulled the app. Luckily I was able to install it on my new phone through Samsung SmartSwitch. But is there now any other way to operate the drones with a different app? I also noticed that in my version, the option to film with 2k EIS is also removed...
  3. S1lent

    Mantis G video (2k EIS)

    Hello fella's, I made my first drone video, filmed with my Mantis G. Since there aren't much video's uploaded made with this drone yet, I thought some people might be interrested to see some footage. I shot the video in 2k mode with EIS on. Personally I don't see a reason to film something in...
  4. S1lent

    Increase connectivity range, antenna mod.

    The freq range of the G is 2.4 and 5ghz. I took that in account when choosing the antenna.
  5. S1lent

    Mantis G accessories

    Thank you. I ordered a Mantis Q battery and propellors and as you said, they do fit. Only shame is that the battery of the Q looks less cool without the pattern on the back.
  6. S1lent

    Increase connectivity range, antenna mod.

    Hi guys, I was flying my drone yesterday, and I noticed that my connection tends to be quite fragile, even flying in an open area. After a meter of 150m, my drone even dc'd once and flew back, but has no trouble of going into the air 270 meters straight from the spot it departed. Anyway, when...
  7. S1lent

    Mantis G accessories

    Thanks for your reply. I just looked at the Best Buy website, (the only store remotely nearby) and it seems to sell the battery and propellers for the Q, but seems that the propellers are also interchangable with the G. I'll ask a collegue if he can go and fetch me a new set, since I can't go...
  8. S1lent

    Mantis G accessories

    Hi guys, First post/topic on this forum, and now a proud first-time owner of a Mantis G. Haven't gotten much time yet to fly the drone, since I'm working at a facility that doesnt allow flying one. But that didn't stop me from buying one. And after some test flying, I cant wait to go home in...