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Nov 9, 2019
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Hello fella's,

I made my first drone video, filmed with my Mantis G. Since there aren't much video's uploaded made with this drone yet, I thought some people might be interrested to see some footage.

I shot the video in 2k mode with EIS on. Personally I don't see a reason to film something in 4k without EIS support since not many people have a 4k screen anyway, and the difference in quality is negligible.

Nothing of the footage is sped up or slowed down. I only adjusted the saturation a bit since the footage felt a bit grey due the cold weather.

Mantis G video (best seen on a television)

I expect to upload more footage in the future, I'll be sure to post it here again if appreciated.

Best regards


Premium Pilot
Feb 24, 2017
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Northern Wisconsin, USA
Thanks for posting your video sample. Looks good on my iPhone 7. Will have to check it out on my larger screens.

Not sure where you are located, but some U.S. sales figures for ya:

As of 2018, 50 million 4K units sold. Another 30 million were projected for 2019.

Wondering if those numbers support the assertion that not many people have 4K screens. If the projections hold true, more than 70% of households will have at least one 4K capable screen.

Source: More Growth For 4K TV Sets Forecast In U.S.

I know I’m planning on at least one 4K tv, and a 4K monitor for my photography.

Point: feel free to show us some 4K video!

Thanks again!


P.S. I have a Q. Continuing my quest for justification to pop for the G. Thanks for helping the cause!


Premium Pilot
Jun 19, 2016
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Shaw, Gtr Manchester, U.K.
Nice imagery. Colour grading is good. I liked how you executed the pans and tilts: Nice and smooth with no sudden movements. This is important and something that some pilots get wrong. Also the transitions where good.

Just two criticisms just from my own point of view and tastes:
1. At 4.22 minutes long I think it's just a tad on the long side (please see point 2 below)
2. Some sequences were too long. For example, the opening sequence of the wind turbine could easily have been cut to, say, 10 seconds rather than the 30 seconds...likewise with some of the other sequences. With reference to point 1 above, then, doing that would have easily have halved the total length of the video but you would not have taken anything away from your story which was good.

Please note, though, that my criticisms are based just on my own tastes. I'm sure that others will disagree with my points above. However, experience tells me that, generally, drone videos that are more than a couple of minutes long tend to be a turn off for most people that view them since longer drone videos tend to suffer from some repetition which should be avoided where possible. The trick is to cut sequences to no more than 10 seconds and in some cases even 10 seconds can be on the long side.
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