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Recent content by Shaneco

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    Hand catch disadvantage?

    In my situation I had to make a decision: hand catch it or land on the camera. For some reason both gear failed to deploy when commanded. I elected to hand catch it and probably saved a costly repair to the camera. It was a little sketchy because I caught it with both hands around the center...
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    How to Change Left Trim Function

    Hello, Does anyone know how to change the left trim function and use it for throttle and yaw instead of camera settings? I want to do a slow steady rate rotating climb to simulate the Sky Tower at Sea World and manually holding the left stick up in one position proves difficult to achieve the...
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    Flight Logs

    So, no, it doesn't have the latest firmware. I received the Typhoon H at Christmas time and updated to the b27 version just a few days before b30 came out. The gear issue arose using the b27 ST16 firmware and associated H Gimbal, Autopilot, and Camera Firmware. Sorry I can't give you the...
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    Team Mode with a Futaba Controller

    Does anyone know if it would be possible to bind a Futaba controller to the Camera and Gimbal to use in Team Mode. I don't have a Wizard and don't think I really like the idea of controlling the H with such a device. I also don't want to buy another ST16 just to use in Team Mode. That is why...
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    Low Battery Warning and Erratic Flight

    The Typhoon H manual says to land the craft immediately if at any time the aircraft battery voltage is below 14.1V. I have flown mine down to this limit and the second battery warning with no control issues.
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    Typhoon H Required Maintenance ....

    I've noted a very small bit of play in all 3 "A" propellers when they are mounted on the motors, but none in the "B" propellers. All the props have 14 flights on them with total flight time of about 4.5 hours.
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    Flight Logs

    I am not at home to check it at the moment, but it has the firmware associated with the b27 release for the ST16. I think it may have been the second flight after updating to the b27 firmware. What makes me believe this was not a mechanical issue was that both gear would not come down and then...
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    Flight Logs

    I tested the landing gear subsequent to the flight using the upside down method several times and the gear worked properly. I also turned the Typhoon H right side up after retracting and attempted to lower the gear. Each time the gear operated as expected when the switch was toggled. When I...
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    Flight Logs

    A few days ago I was finishing a flight and went to deploy the landing gear but nothing happened. I ended up having to hand capture the Typhoon H and when I went to idle the gear started to deploy. I downloaded the flight logs for the controller and telemetry data to review it. I can see on...
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    Pilot license and Drone Registration

    The problem with this is, if the drone is operated under section 336 of Public Law 112-95 The US Congress specifically stated that the FAA could not make any new law regarding a drone, and that is exactly what the FAA did in requiring a drone to be registered. We are a government of the people...
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    ST16 Channel Assigments

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows the channel assignments on the ST16 so when reviewing the Remote Flight Log I can determine what function of the ground station is being used when I see changes on that channel. I am pretty sure I have figured out that Channel 10 is for the Landing Gear...
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    Always carry a padded bucket for the H

    I had the same issue happen to me yesterday. Everything was normal with the flight, other than it being the 13th flight since I've had the Typhoon H (TH), and when I was preparing to land neither landing gear came down when the landing gear switch was moved to the down position. I hovered in...