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Team Mode with a Futaba Controller

Feb 26, 2017
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Does anyone know if it would be possible to bind a Futaba controller to the Camera and Gimbal to use in Team Mode. I don't have a Wizard and don't think I really like the idea of controlling the H with such a device. I also don't want to buy another ST16 just to use in Team Mode. That is why I was wondering if it would be possible to use a non-Yuneec controller that is not so expensive to control the camera. Anyone know if this would work?
I'm confident many controllers have been tried and none work. Most copters use proprietary connections and in the case of Yuneec it would cause a warranty issue with the H. After all it has a one year warranty which is incredible.
You can cotrol the camera with a phone or tablet with the CGO3 app.

CGO3 - Android Apps on Google Play
True, you can control the camera functions for exposure. But it's not quite the same as team mode. This will be short range, in some cases only a few feet, and won't control all the camera functions. The app was designed to use with the action grip.
Great price! Have to agree a Futaba Tx can't be bound to Yuneec hardware or software. Obtaining a second ST-16 is the thing to do.

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