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Recent content by tEaM

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    Rakon Q500 Build

    I love this Rakon frame. Q500 takes on a new life with this frame.
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    Been a long time reader of the forum and decided to share some of my videos.

    Very good videos. Beautiful scenery. Congratulations
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    Lipo battery?

    I also adapted a 3s battery and it is working very well. A very nice mod!
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    CGO2 Gimbal not working...

    Hi Simon, I apologize for the delay. I'm working (hard )on other project. I just got through the forum today. To begin, you must dismantle the whole gimbal. Then check all the parts and make sure there are no problems with the wires. If you have everything ok, the problem may be on the...
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    CGO2 Gimbal not working...

    Hello Andy. When the Q500 crashes, the gimbal suffers the same problem from the engines. ECSs overheat and burn. In the case of the engine ESC, the replacement is simple. The gimbal ESCs are more difficult. They are very small chips. It's a complex replacement.
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    HOBBYTIGER YUNEEC Typhoon Q500 4K / Typhoon H Filter (ND4/ND8/UV/CPL)

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    CGO2 Gimbal not working...

    Hello guys, Do you remember my gimbal with error (dead)? Well, as an electronics engineer, I repaired the equipment. See how gimbal is working beautifully: I love this!
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    My presentation

    Added the first marker in Portugal! ;) Thanks.
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    CGO2 Gimbal not working...

    Hello all, I need your help. My gimbal is not working after a crash from my Q500+... Whenever I turn on the power, it moves the motors too little and the following ring sounds: Any ideas?
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    My presentation

    Hello everyone, I'm Edgar Miranda. I'm from Portugal. I always flew with DJI, but they talked so well about yuneec that I decided to try it out. I bought a used Q500 + and crashed. I already changed the ESC and the Q500 + already flies! (Fly very well! I loved the first experience) Now I have a...