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Recent content by Tommy G

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    healthy Drones question?

    Anyone know how to upload files to heathly drones .I have no idea which files to upload or what software to use. I have the Q500+. Thanks
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    Yuneec 500+ battery capacity?

    Hi guys could someone please tell me what the actual battery capacity is. The battery says 5400 but I have an email from Yuneec that says different. I Quote " Hello, Yes, the batteries are 6300 mAH. ______________________________________ From: Sent: 2/1/2016 6:31 AM To...
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    Help Camera separated

    If you can get everything back together here is how the wires go Good luck
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    Prop securing

    If there extras leave them in the bag. You need one under each prop . The friction holds the props on . Like a lock washer.
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    new pilot (operator)

    Yes I have . When I first tried it I put it in smart mode and tried to take off. It came right at me and hit a light post and broke all the blades . The camera came flying off with two of the rubber mounts going with the camera and two staying on the base. When it came off it pulled out the plug...
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    new pilot (operator)

    Thanks guys that explains alot. It's alot more hi tec than my small one.
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    new pilot (operator)

    Ok thanks guys. That explains alot. This one is alot more complicated than the small one I have .
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    new pilot (operator)

    Hello I just received my q500+ 2days ago. I find the best way to learn about flying it is from here and from YouTube videos. One question I have is if I'm outside and power everything up ,when its not started yet and I place it in smart mode(green light) the copter keeps beeping. I figured it...