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Recent content by tverdier

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    For Sale Tornado H920 W/ extras $2500

    yep same one, he never flew it so I left his ownership out of my ad.
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    For Sale Tornado H920 W/ extras $2500

    price lowered
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    For Sale Tornado H920 W/ extras $2500

    price lowered.
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    For Sale Tornado H920 W/ extras $2500

    Santa Rosa California
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    For Sale Tornado H920 W/ extras $2500

    Selling my Yuneec Tornado H920 with tons of extras (most unused), this thing is a beast and fly's amazingly, the cgo4 camera quality is top not and can capture some amazing footage, im selling simply because i dont have enough time to play with it, ive only flown it 3 times maybe an hour total...
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    so it almost sounds like the st16 has a histogram but the st24 doesn't?
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    cgo4 no fully manual video mode?

    I have a h920 with the st24, I have (P,S,A,M, Then Video P video S and iA and iA plus. does the st16 make a manual creative mode? I mean full manual iso, shutter, aperture.
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    cgo4 no fully manual video mode?

    is there no way to set the camera to full manual video mode? it seems ridiculous you'd market a drone with such a nice capable camera then not have professional controllability on the camera.
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    histogram for video?

    I've looked a few times and cant seem to find a histogram display setting using my cgo4 this is pretty important especially with how hard it is to see your monitoring screen. is this not an option? also I'm using the st24
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    discharging and storing lipos

    hi there I have a h920 with the A10 charger and I have a few questions, one question is will lipo storage mode bring the battery down from 4.20 to 3.83 or (50%) also with battery storage mode bring a low battery up to 50% I tried running a low battery on sotrage mode and it seemed to keep it at...
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    Connection break

    I'm an idiot and was using bank 1 while plugged into bank 2 lol I set it for 4.5amps 22.2v right? the 50c doesn't matter right?
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    Connection break

    hi guys can't figure out why my batteries are saying connection break not sure what the problem is
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    Battery Question?

    brand new Yuneec battery, unopened came with 1 cell at 2.85, it doesn't seem to go over 3.89 after a while of balance charging if anyone has suggestions on of it's recoverable let me know. luckily I have 6 more yuneec batteries and 2 of those after market 4500mah ones that came with my kit from...
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    v18 value

    hey there guys I recently purchased an h920 kit that came with a v18 seemingly unused still in box. I'm new to the forums or I'd have posted this in the classifieds, what's a fair price to ask for this? basically this is a feeler post.
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    putting H920 away with cgo4 attached

    perfect it still seems very well secured