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  1. Nobel Drones


    does yuneec make any action cam/steady grip thats compatible with the cgo3+ because im looking to hook up a cgo3+ with something besides a drone
  2. Rubik

    ActionCam Camera Dolly

    Check this out: I used the car as the camera dolly. I stood up through the sunroof holding the ActionCam with CGO3+ gimbal/camera. My wife drove along a about 8 mph on a quiet road with beautiful fall leaves and filtered sunlight. This worked so well that I will use the technique again to...
  3. jazzman81

    Yuneec Steady Cam CGO3+ Hack

    Here's a hack for the Yuneec SteadyCam that will work with the Yuneec CGO3+. I bought the Yuneec Typhoon H drone with the understanding that there would be a hand held platform available for the drone's camera. Yuneec sells the ActionCam, but its sold with the CGO3+ and I already own a CGO3+. I...
  4. D

    CGO2+ SteadyGrip with CGO3+ Camera

    I just got my Typhoon H and want to use the CGO3+ camera with the SteadyGrip that came with my Q500+. Is there a way to make this work without buying another SteadyGrip? Thanks