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  1. B

    Set Altimeter to 0

    Hello, is there any way to set the altimeter to 0 from the place where you take off? If you are at a height of 10 meters with respect to point 0, the altimeter with the gps marks 10 meters, can you set it to 0 to find out how tall you are? Thank you
  2. Flying-Potato

    Changing the ST16 indicated AGL Altimeter and IAS

    I know there is a way to change the Altimeter and IAS of the ST16 from Imperial to Think-Metric. But I want to know if there is a way to change it independently instead of having it as a global setting. Simply because in Canada particularly in BC we use metric and imperial (Like we use...
  3. G

    Reset altimeter on ST-16 to zero?

    Being fairly new to the TH Pro, I've managed to keep it in the air without too much trouble (Up, down, all around, we'll keep it at that for now). I found I can change the altimeter on the transmitter to feet instead of meters, but is there a way to "zero" the altimeter on the ST-16 when the TH...