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  1. AeroJ

    Emergency event during testing...

    Today's second test flight session of the season had some very interesting things going on in it... 1. Large greyhounds pursuing craft wherever it went in sky, making landing much more exciting than usual. Solved that. 2. Helicopter appearing over the treeline at 400 ft or so, and vectored...
  2. B

    Set Altimeter to 0

    Hello, is there any way to set the altimeter to 0 from the place where you take off? If you are at a height of 10 meters with respect to point 0, the altimeter with the gps marks 10 meters, can you set it to 0 to find out how tall you are? Thank you
  3. Flying-Potato

    Changing the ST16 indicated AGL Altimeter and IAS

    I know there is a way to change the Altimeter and IAS of the ST16 from Imperial to Think-Metric. But I want to know if there is a way to change it independently instead of having it as a global setting. Simply because in Canada particularly in BC we use metric and imperial (Like we use...
  4. G

    Reset altimeter on ST-16 to zero?

    Being fairly new to the TH Pro, I've managed to keep it in the air without too much trouble (Up, down, all around, we'll keep it at that for now). I found I can change the altimeter on the transmitter to feet instead of meters, but is there a way to "zero" the altimeter on the ST-16 when the TH...