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  1. C

    Does the Typhoon H backpack fit as a carry-on for flights?

    Hi All: I'm planning to take my Typhoon H on an upcoming trip and was curious if anyone knew if the H's backpack would fit as a carry-on either in the overhead bins or in the space under seats for a small regional jet. Two legs of my trip are being done on regional jets and the third leg is...
  2. M

    Does Yuneec warranty cover the backpack?

    Does anyone know if the Yuneec warranty covers the Yuneec supplied backpack foir the H pro RS? Mine is fraying badly where the straps joint the case at the top> Anyone else have this problem??
  3. D


    if you read my last post I was worried about filing up the 16gb internal flash on my Breeze Drone. I bought myself a HooToo from Amazon and added a 128GB flash drive to is, then when the videos are on my phone and filling it up, I can just wirelessly transfer them to my USB stick which is in my...
  4. vincent

    Typhoon H Original Backpack Bag Carrying Case

    Item in B.C Canada Sill in great condition. If interested send me a PM with price. 1pc of Backpack for Typhoon H For Yuneec Typhoon H Original Backpack without foam Color: Black Quantity: 1 piece Weight: Approx. 900g Package includes: 1 pc x Original Backpack for Yuneec Typhoon H...
  5. Joseph Corrado

    Inexpensive Backpack review

    I realize there are a lot of bags out there. I was using a hard shell rolling case with he original foam insert from May. Living on the coast of Maine though presents some challenges to lugging around a hard case when you want to fly in some situations. I was looking for a back pack that would...

    Backpack extra storage space

    Hey pilots... Looking for extra storage space in your Typhoon H backpack? Many of you have realized that the top portion has some nice real estate that is unused. In this video I use the simplest method (one that I've used on backpacks in the past) to secure items to the top lid.... plain old...
  7. Dezzzy.D

    Backpacking with a Typhoon H

    Hey all, I'm wondering if you fine people can give me some ideas or suggestions on backpacking with a Typhoon H. I'm heading on a 4 day trek over the following terrain: Rainforest, massive rockslide with huge boulders, small rivers, one glacier and one **** of a emerald green lake. Now this is...
  8. Dezzzy.D

    Aftermarket Backpack

    Hey guys i got one of the backpacks from China in the other day. Only took about 8 days to ship it. I was pretty surprised.
  9. Capt. Crunch

    Backpack coming

    I've had many calls and emails about the backpack from Yuneec. In an effort to answer more than one person at a time, I'm posting this here. Since Yuneec is making us dance the shuffle, again, I decided to develop my own backpack. A sneak peek at the Drone Mountain packpack for the Yuneec...
  10. Typhooned

    Yuneec Typhoon H Soft Backpack on the way?

    Earlier in the week I noticed that Adorama had updated their listing for Typhoon H accessories. In addition to the new battery pricing and prop availability mentioned in other threads, they had posted this; "Yuneec 1 pc of backpack for Typhoon H (Soft case)" YUNTYHBP001 I immediately called...
  11. Chris McMillan

    For all purchasers of the "H"

    As there seems to be a lot of confusion out there re the Backpack and foam insert: This is just a timely reminder... The foam insert for the backpack comes with the original white cardboard box that the H comes in. Do NOT discard this! I've seen a few unboxings, and they casually throw aside...
  12. Chris McMillan

    Typhoon H foam insert

    Is anyone aware of the type of foam that the "H" comes with. Is it just polystyrene or the soft foam protection that fits directly into the backpack. I seemed to have read somewhere that it comes in a cardboard box, but the foam insert is ready made for the backpack. Any one from Yuneec that...
  13. S

    How solid will the backpack be?

    Just in case someone has seen it, how robust is the backpack for the Typhoon H? It is solid enough to check as luggage? Is is small enough to carry on? Thanks to all in advance.