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  1. SkyVidTek

    ***SOLD***ISDT-D2 Smart Balance 2ch Charger

    *** PRICE DROP AGAIN NOW $65*** *** Price Drop Now $75*** This is a great benchtop charger for your Yuneec - LiPo or any other types of batteries as it has full functionality on 2 channels independently. Charge/discharge/store functions. 2.4" Multi-color display for different functions. AC power...
  2. TheDhuddist

    Battery Charging settings for Q500 4k

    Hi all. I've tried searching here and on Google but the results are seriously mind boggling to try to digest. Maybe if I just lay out clear questions, I can get a direct answer and my old brain can avoid losing what few cells (no pun intended) it has left. :) 1. I have the stock charger, but I...
  3. A

    Advice after my first crash and repair - chapter 1

    I got tangled in a branch and wound up with a few broken parts. I ordered all the parts and found that I mistakenly ordered a "A" arm instead of a "B" arm. Since I ordered only the arm and not the accompanying motor, I thought it would be fine to remove the "B" motor from the broken arm and...
  4. SkyVidTek

    SOLD! Q500 Prop Balancing Rod

    This is a prop balancing rod specifically for the props on the Yuneec Q500 series quads. It has LH and RH thread on opposite ends and can be used with different balancing systems. I found the Q500 props to be very well balanced from the factory, but a couple needed just a very small piece of...