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battery level

  1. kayakmtb

    Battery Landing Voltages vs Votlage Test readings

    Hello All I am new to the LiPo battery and the Typhoon H, so your wisdom would be gratfully recieved. After looking a wide range of threads, I generally aim to land my UAS at 14.7v (displayed on the ST16). With the exception of a low battery test. At present I am getting about 15mins flight...
  2. kayakmtb

    Battery or Charger Problems

    Hi All I am new to the Typhoon and I am concerned that I may have a battery problem. Nor am I an electrical engineer! So any help from those of you with far greater experience than me would be great. I have 3 batteries and after a flight a few days ago whenever I put them in the charger I...
  3. Y

    Great Item!!!

    SSE Voltage Battery Tester with LCD Display and LED Indication For Yuneec Q500, Q500+, Q500 4K and Typhoon H Batteries
  4. S

    Anyone else's batteries drain rapidly, then come back up when you let off the throttle?

    What's up with that? I'll take off at about 12.4 volts, then it will quickly go down through 11, and within a few moments, it will do the 10.8 critical battery alarm. When I let off the throttle, the charge creeps back up to past 11. I landed within 10 minutes because it started giving me all...
  5. Chris McMillan

    Digital Multimeters

    Knowing nothing about them, I've bought a DMM just so I can look impressive (if anyone was bothering to watch) when I'm checking my H batteries. Can anyone tell me the easiest and best way to check out the charge level of the complete battery, and, if possible, the levels of the various cells...
  6. Paladin

    Battery level guide

    I spent several hours over the weekend reading threads and watching videos on Lipo batteries and took notes etc.. This is the guide I came up with and I think it is pretty accurate. I am not an expert in any way but this information is from various sources and seems to be the best overall...