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  1. S1lent

    Mantis G video (2k EIS)

    Hello fella's, I made my first drone video, filmed with my Mantis G. Since there aren't much video's uploaded made with this drone yet, I thought some people might be interrested to see some footage. I shot the video in 2k mode with EIS on. Personally I don't see a reason to film something in...
  2. Z

    Bahía Concha, Santa Marta, Colombia

    Hi everybody, Enjoy a video compilation of Bahía Concha, Santa Marta, Magdalena, Colombia. Taken with the Typhoon H Pro. Visit Bahía Concha: Bahía Concha in Google Maps You can follow me as @zoomhummer in Instagram, Youtube, Twitter...
  3. naret

    360º spherical photo

    Hello I present a 360 photo taken with my Typhoon H Pro in Asturias, North of Spain. Best regards Click on the image, it is possible to see it with VR glasses
  4. T

    Fun on the beach

    Hi, Here's one of my videos created some time ago. I took few days off and went to make some shots of polish Baltic Sea. Hope you will like the scenery in this windy, snowy, cold time :)
  5. A

    Second flight with H - So impressed

    As mentionned here above, my second test with video
  6. Chris McMillan

    An interesting bridge of water...

    Taken at a nearby beach, not edited correctly, but you get the idea...
  7. Chris McMillan

    Interesting spot in Oz

    Here's a video taken on the weekend of a place nearby that brings a new meaning to "traffic flyover".....