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  1. Joneshd3488

    Bind Multiple CGO3+ to ST16?

    After searching the forum, I'm unable to find any feedback on this topic, so if it has already been covered in another thread, I hope someone can redirect. Otherwise, my problem is this: I now have two CGO3+ cams complete with gimbal...one stock lens, and one with a Peau 8.25 My goal is to...
  2. C

    ST-16 not binding after using wizard for first time

    Hello Everyone, Very new pilot here, so please bear with me if I'm asking a pretty obvious question... Used just the wizard for flying for the first time yesterday. Had no issues other than noticing drifting and altitude loss, so I was going to recalibrate the Typhoon today. When I turned on...
  3. arruntus

    How To: Basic procedures with the H520 and cameras

    [Mod Edit] A BIG thanks to @arruntus for putting together this thread... which pretty much has most of the instructional videos on the 520... :cool: =================================================== Basic Procedures (Getting Started) All the basic steps to make a flight. Spread arms, mount...
  4. Cedaric


    Trying to make some changes to H 920 & CGO4 w/ 2 x St 24 Keep getting asked for password so can not even bind Q500 to ST 24 Anyone know pass word 1234 & 0000 & Yuneec r no good
  5. S

    H blinking blue, ST16 not detecting

    Hey Gang, I don't know how to delete a thread.. but I think I figured it out. Didn't tilt it forward enough times! :-D
  6. T

    Trouble with binding H920 and CGO4 (Also need ST24 manual)

    Greetings. I am a happy owner with both a q500+ and an H920 with CGO4. I've flown the H920 ship a couple times with no issues. However, now that I have the CGO4 hooked up, I have video from it but it just hangs there and wobbles back and forth like it has a mild case of sluggish Parkinson's. Of...