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  1. Joneshd3488

    Bind Multiple CGO3+ to ST16?

    After searching the forum, I'm unable to find any feedback on this topic, so if it has already been covered in another thread, I hope someone can redirect. Otherwise, my problem is this: I now have two CGO3+ cams complete with gimbal...one stock lens, and one with a Peau 8.25 My goal is to...
  2. C

    ST-16 not binding after using wizard for first time

    Hello Everyone, Very new pilot here, so please bear with me if I'm asking a pretty obvious question... Used just the wizard for flying for the first time yesterday. Had no issues other than noticing drifting and altitude loss, so I was going to recalibrate the Typhoon today. When I turned on...
  3. arruntus

    Basic procedures with the H520 and cameras

    Basic Procedures (Getting Started) All the basic steps to make a flight. Spread arms, mount propellers, battery......................... fly. Yuneec H520 gimbal calibration Bind E50, E90 and CGOET to H520 H520 without camera, manual Bind Bind the ST16S when you do not have any cameras...
  4. Cedaric


    Trying to make some changes to H 920 & CGO4 w/ 2 x St 24 Keep getting asked for password so can not even bind Q500 to ST 24 Anyone know pass word 1234 & 0000 & Yuneec r no good
  5. S

    H blinking blue, ST16 not detecting

    Hey Gang, I don't know how to delete a thread.. but I think I figured it out. Didn't tilt it forward enough times! :-D
  6. T

    Trouble with binding H920 and CGO4 (Also need ST24 manual)

    Greetings. I am a happy owner with both a q500+ and an H920 with CGO4. I've flown the H920 ship a couple times with no issues. However, now that I have the CGO4 hooked up, I have video from it but it just hangs there and wobbles back and forth like it has a mild case of sluggish Parkinson's. Of...