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breeze 4k camera

  1. MisoSoup

    Advice when flying indoors

    Salutation, my reason for coming here is to ask for suggestions on flying indoors. I am trying to record certain areas of my residence outdoors and indoors for a documentary of my neighborhood, and since my budget is limited I recently purchased a used Yuneec Breeze bundle with the controller...
  2. R

    Breeze Camera not recording

    First day flying my Breeze, and have so far record 3 videos in Pilot mode. I switched to Journey model however and now the camera isn't recording. I'm just wondering do you have to click a button to record, or will the drone always record. I can't see a button for record on the app, only...
  3. T

    Breeze 4k fps

    Hi I am currently thinking about purchasing a breeze 4k though there is mixed info on websites and was hoping to resolve it on here as yuneec hasnt gotten back to me. But my main question is does the breeze 4k shoot 720 120fps? I'd just mainly like to know because I'd like to fly it at work and...
  4. F

    Issues with Breeze 4K and Samsung Note 4

    So I have been flying drones for some time now and am familiar with how to control them. There have been few issues with the Breeze (using Samsung Note 4). This is my second one after exchanging. I bought it at Costco who have no longer selling it. (Good decision as I believe that there are...
  5. I

    need help with breeze 4k

    Hello guys And happy eid for all muslims around the world Anyway i just bought the breeze 4k drone and i flyed it with my i phone 5s and every thing goes right. But in the breeze cam app it's show me just the front camera and i didn't find a way to run the other two cameras And it's possible to...