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Nov 5, 2017
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So I have been flying drones for some time now and am familiar with how to control them.

There have been few issues with the Breeze (using Samsung Note 4). This is my second one after exchanging. I bought it at Costco who have no longer selling it. (Good decision as I believe that there are issues with Android phones) The first one that I got, worked great for few weeks and then while in an orbit mode, it was working fine and then all of a sudden, it banked at a steeper angle while orbiting with increased speed and he controls would not respond. Hit a branch and, started climbing and then came back down hard. The bottom cover with the glass came off (no big deal, snapped back together). One of the legs cover came off with the sensor in it ( no big deal) snapped back in. Then after resetting and re calibrating, when started on level ground, it would flip over. So I reset the whole unit, deleted the app, all the files and reinstalled. It would then start and then increase in altitude to the set height (1M) but then start to drift off in one direction without any control.
Called customer support after 40 minute wait!!! Sent them the log, case no. created and even after 6 weeks no reply. (Not the greatest customer service. So took it back to Costco for exchange.

On the Second replaced unit from Costco: Purchased (July 2017)

Client Version 1.4.7
Flying Control Version:1.1.2
Esc Version: 1.0.3
Camera Version 2.0.4(A)

The second unit, when I opened it (sealed), the bottom cover was half on. Figured that might have popped off in shipping. Snapped it back in. Loaded the software on the Samsung Note 4. Calibrate it each time before flying. I don't fly unless I get at least 12+ satellite lock. For some reason, even hovering at about 20-25 meters, it would climb up and descend randomly. Landed it manually. This unit would do this every time. Not being stable. At the same time it had great connection to the phone. Video recordings downloaded either to the phone or on the PC would not play well. The photos were fine. but the video would freeze. The other day, after the normal pre-check, re-calibration procedure, started it up. The hover default is set at 1.1 M, it flew up to about 10 meters high, video started but shortly, it lost camera connection while it was recording. Said camera failure. Would not respond to any camera function. Decided to auto land in the same location (it was landing on the concrete driveway where it had done many times). It was descending slowly, as expected, then at about 9 feet it came down hard and slammed on the driveway. The bottom cover came off, and then it flew back up to about 8 - 9 feet (hovered) and would not come down on auto landing. Somehow was able to use manual control to bring it within reach. While holding, tried to push the stop button on the phone screen, which would not respond. So just pushed the power button to shut it down. The next morning, after resetting everything and re-installing, pre-check, calibration, tried to fly it, default for hover is set to 1.1 M but it off fast and looked as if it would still climb. Managed to bring it down manually to within reach and stopped it. Returned it to Costco, as I don't even want to bother with their horrible customer service.

Yuneec should really pay more attention to their quality control and investigate the app control on android operation system. At $400, these units are not cheap. I believe that Yuneec has a goo product but they need to concentrate and test fully before putting it on the market. They need to also make their customer service better. At least Costco stands by the product they sell. Will be moving on to DJI products.
Sep 18, 2017
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The problem might be with the Samsung Note 4.
I've given up on using Note 3. The WiFi would disconnect randomly and would not reconnect. I was lucky. Each time the WiFi disconnected, the Breeze flew up, waited in the air then return home safely. Some of my folks had the Note 5, but I didn't want to bother them.
My iPhone 5 worked to fly the Breeze without any problem.
Per my experience, Android is just bad for the Breeze. The hardware for Android is also bad. Using a Samsung tablet to fly the Breeze, I noticed the video feed lagged terribly. Some Android hardware worked OK however, but who got the money to buy all kinds of tablets to test out the Breeze?

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