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  1. T

    I need to buy a typhoon H, just the multirotor nothing else. If you have one or know of one please l

    Looking for a typhoon h. Just the drone nothing else. Thanks
  2. arruntus

    Micro SD problem. What Micro SD buy?

    I'm going to refuel a post that talk about the subject in order to get into it. Thx Bob520 The manual says the following. I bought this card. Samsung EVO Plus 128GB MicroSDXC With SD Adapter I put it in the camera and the ST16S immediately upon power-up tells me that there is no Micro SD...
  3. N

    Need help to buy drone, please help

    hey there, I'm new when it comes to quadcopters. Not when it comes to flying, but buying. What I want to know is this: for a price at about max 300$ (Can be a little higher or does not hurt if lower if it fits my needs) what is the best quadcopter I can get? -I want it to have a long runtime...