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I need to buy a typhoon H, just the multirotor nothing else. If you have one or know of one please l

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Maybe consider a NEW typhoon H'
Just the H itself runs about $700
Yuneec has a sale until Dec 31
for $640 complete
or with Realsense for $1040
Go to the Yuneec website and use Coupon Code EXTRA20 at checkout
Looking for a typhoon h. Just the drone nothing else. Thanks
You are looking for what is termed as "Bind & Fly". That is the body, no cam, bare bones. Put your old cam back on the new one, pair with ST16, then fly. As most have begun to mention, buying a complete new one is the way to go for now. You would have an extra cam and ST16 that way, plus batteries.

As it stands, the Yuneec site is the way to go for now.
midcityhobby on ebay has a typhoon h wo camera just airframe's for 350.00 on ebay quick shipping i just got my 2nd st16 from them
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