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camera angle

  1. J

    Calibration tests

    I'm pretty new to flying drones. I got my first drone a while back then upgraded to a Typhoon H. flying it for a while and had a 15 ft high fall, but did research and repaired all broken parts but had to super glue a part of the camera (doesn't block any movement of the camera or its ability to...
  2. S

    Camera gimbal works but wont move

    Hello, my camera wont move, as in tilt or pan and all the connectors are fine. Should I rese it to factory settings or what should I do to try to re-boot it? It also says failure to initiate camera, but again the camera gimbal works but wont move when I use the controllers. Thanks
  3. S

    Controlling camera angle

    My Typhoon shows the ground most of the time and the horizon other times but I haven't figured out how to change it back and forth.