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cgo 3 pro

  1. W

    Camera binding issues

    After many binding issues, I was advised to reset my camera by pressing the small button by the SD card. This seemed to work and last night after powering my drone on and off 3 times it connected to the camera within 30 or 45 seconds and it showed up on The Binding screen. Today only one out of...
  2. vertigo

    love this forum!

    Hi all, It's been less than a month since my first purchase of my TH. Still in love regardless of my experience with the CGO3+ gimbal. And my own stupidity. 1st TH purchased from Costco came with the 2 ant ST16. The camera would always face about 4deg to the left. even after calibration, could...
  3. Robert007

    CG0-3 video issues

    the video from filming with my CG0 3 pro , has a high speed micro SD SanDisk extreme , setting at 1920 x 1080 resolution. Video is not smooth. Very chopped up , do I need to go with a less resolution on a 4 K camera ?
  4. A

    Advice after my first crash and repair - chapter 2

    I got tangled in a branch and... you can imagine what happened. I've replaced all the broken parts and when turning the bird on to calibrate everything, noticed that my CGO 3 Pro vibrates something terrible. It vibrates very quickly and hums due to the speed of the vibration. If I grab ahold...