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  1. panthony

    CGOET Thermal Image Overlay

    It's been a year and I am just getting to the CGOET understanding. So far here is what I know. I will understand this technology... Is there a setting that will align the thermal image with the RBG for an accurate overlay. See attached...my thermal is of a lower resolution however it does not...
  2. J

    CGOET update v0.2.14

    Does anyone know what upgrades Yuneec did for this camera (2019 update) the thermal looks much clearer it’s actually somewhat useful. I was shocked after the update...
  3. G

    Typhoon H CGO-ET, Multi-Track MP4 Video, VLC Player ?

    Hi, I'm getting a kick out of my CGO-ET low-light and thermal camera. Flying over forest, the thermal camera can pick out a person and a dog walking under the trees, or spot a dog and walker across a soccer field. The low light camera's able to get useful video past sunset, and with a pair of...
  4. F

    CGOET Package for Yuneec H520 - ONLY - SOLD SOLD SOLD

    Package set here - please note this CGO-ET WILL ONLY WORK WITH THE H520 The one for the typhoon H has different firmware. (but it is confusing with the same model number) Here is what I have bundled together; 1- CGOET for Yunnec H520 Only 1- Yuneec H520 battery 1- H520 set of "a" props 1...
  5. A

    Real time processing for CGO-ET data

    Hi, Does anyone know if the CGO-ET camera provides all the metadata it gets (Temperature on every pixel) in real time for processing in the UAV and/or the GCS ? I can't manage to find this information anywhere so you would be of so much help !! Thank you very much !
  6. R

    The CGO-ET goes up against the CGO3+ at night

    The Commercial flyers will like this one.
  7. DroneCalzone

    Updating the firmware in CGO-ET?

    Hello, i can see that the CGO-ET I have here is not the latest. Coincidentally, I'm having problems enabling team mode with this camera. When I'm trying to switch to team mode, the button immediately jumps back to the single mode position, and there is a message on the bottom of the screen...
  8. S

    Switch gimbals model setup

    Hi! I just got a cgo-et gimbal and have successfully tested it. But I have a problem setting up the st16 in a good way so I can easily switch between my original cgo3 gimbal and the cgo-et. I would like to have two models programmed, and depending on which gimbal I currently have mounted, I...