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  1. Q500 CGO2+ Failed to take a snapshot

    Q500 CGO2+ Failed to take a snapshot

    what does 'Failed to take a snapshot' mean?
  2. C

    CGO2+ gimbal error codes

    I had a minor crash with my Q500+ and the camera and gimbal popped off.....and the frame had some minor damage which I was able to repair using JB Weld. The camera still works and I can control turning it on and off from the ST10+ controller.....however when the gimbal boots up....it just...
  3. r3m3dy2m3

    Bricked Cgo2+ maybe?

    I am having problem with the Cgo2+ camera and I could not find a workable solution. I bought a unit of Q500+ over a local hobby shop in Edmonton last March. Everything works just great until few days ago where the camera won't record or take photo. The Cgo2+ turns on like normal with the green...
  4. D

    CGO2+ SteadyGrip with CGO3+ Camera

    I just got my Typhoon H and want to use the CGO3+ camera with the SteadyGrip that came with my Q500+. Is there a way to make this work without buying another SteadyGrip? Thanks