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  1. Dispatchdog

    H920 Bundle for sale in the UK

    Hi all, Looking to upgrade our equipment, so we need to get rid of our H920, Actioncam and all the bits and bobs that go with it. Will list all the items later, but this was just a general post to see if there was any interest before we put it for sale somewhere else. Offers in the region of...
  2. A

    Auto Exposure Driving me NUTS!

    Hi All, Hope someone can help direct me. I'm a new user and am having trouble in the video modes. One auto exposes and the other auto shutters, I want to choose and LOCK both settings. How do I do this. There's nothing more amateur IMO than exposure changes in video. Also, can someone explain...
  3. Cedaric

    H920 Team Mode HELP

    Hello An unusual issue H920 & CGO4 using 2 X ST 24 1 x Flight 1 X Visual Can not get full Camera control on Visual controller, only Zoom I Can operate Zoom & rotation only from Flight controller No camera pan up & down at all I Have put CGO4 & Gimbal on H920 ProAction &...
  4. T

    Trouble with binding H920 and CGO4 (Also need ST24 manual)

    Greetings. I am a happy owner with both a q500+ and an H920 with CGO4. I've flown the H920 ship a couple times with no issues. However, now that I have the CGO4 hooked up, I have video from it but it just hangs there and wobbles back and forth like it has a mild case of sluggish Parkinson's. Of...