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Adobe DNG Converter for ION L1

Sep 24, 2019
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I was reading through an advert for the H3 again and saw it mentioned some Adobe DNG converter. Not heard of this before, though I think I must have seen a reference to it before I bought one (I'm not a photographer). I recently looked it up. Can't believe I had missed it, but turns out it is not mentioned in the H3 manual so that's probably why!

Converter here:

On the list of compatible cameras for the Adobe converter the Yuneec cameras CGO4 and ION L1 Pro are mentioned:


see: https://helpx.adobe.com/camera-raw/kb/camera-raw-plug-supported-cameras.html

I downloaded the converter and tried it on a few DNG photos I've taken from my drone. It doesn't get rid of the lens distortion but did make a difference to the colour map. The raw DNGs have a green tint to them, and after using the DNG converter it just looks a bit more realistic (how I remember the scene looking on the day with Mk1 eyeball).

Scottish Loch original photo (jpg from dng with 55% compression):

Same but having the Adobe DNG converter applied (I think the converter automatically picks up the camera you're using, no option to select it), then converted to jpg in the same way:
Slightly less green glow. Not really sure what to make of it. Perhaps the jpg conversion doesn't do it justice though.

I now have a few H3 videos and image files if anyone wants a play. Send me a gmail address and I can share them with you. Be interested to see what you think of the conversion. Presumably this is the part that Leica played in the H3 drone.

Also, if anyone knows why Yuneec didn't mention this converter in the manual, or advertise it more, so people like me who don't know much about photography/image processing can take advantage of it, then perhaps you can let the rest of us know......
DJI also uses DNG files..
i have a couple of simple programs for converting to JPG and other formats.
NCH photo pad is free and will convert to jpg or png.

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