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  1. Lucas Galli

    Using SkyRC D100 / iMax B6 and battery pinout

    Helo folks. I am planning to use other chargers (in addition to the original) with my Typhoon H batteries, since having only one unit that takes 2,5 hours to charge can be a big problem in some jobs. Also, I would like to have the possibility to charge them for storage, which seems that the...
  2. Brenakie

    Venom Pro Duo Charger Settings for the Q

    Hi all, Watched a few videos and read a few articles, the more I watched and read the more overloaded I got :confused: Looking for a little advice, wondering what your LiPo settings are? I'm running 2 different batteries: 1) 5400mAh/11.1V/59.9Wh 2) 6300mAh/11.1V/70Wh Right now I'm defaulted...
  3. SkyVidTek

    ***SOLD***ISDT-D2 Smart Balance 2ch Charger

    *** PRICE DROP AGAIN NOW $65*** *** Price Drop Now $75*** This is a great benchtop charger for your Yuneec - LiPo or any other types of batteries as it has full functionality on 2 channels independently. Charge/discharge/store functions. 2.4" Multi-color display for different functions. AC power...
  4. D

    Handset Charging...

    Hi folks - I'm new here. Bought my H520 today but am having a bit of a problem already. After unboxing it and following the start up instructions pretty much to the letter, I got it up in the air. A couple of basic moves and one or two landings later the remote switched off and the drone landed...
  5. CzarMark

    Breeze Battery Storage

    I've been reading a great deal about proper battery storage for optimal battery life. There seems to be a lot of information for many Yuneec products, but not the Breeze. As this is the first winter since I purchased my Breeze and I live in Northeastern Wisconsin, I don't think I'll have many...
  6. M

    Need 2 to 4 battery charger. I need recommendations please.

    I've been reading and reading battery post here. God it's endless. I would really appreciate recommendations for chargers from $100 - $200 range. Any recommendations and why they're recommended. Do they have the ability to check the IR. I guess this helps to realize when to toss a battery out...
  7. T

    Need Battery Charger Suggestions For The H.

    Ok all I've been using a SkyRC T6755 which is a 7 Amp 55 Watt Charger since I first bought my H & Now out of nowhere I flew down here to Arizona to spend Thanksgiving with family I got here on the 16th & have flown 5 flights since being here but then 2 days ago while trying to charge the H...
  8. I

    Free FAT SHARK charger

    Hey everyone. I bought a Fat Shark and then decided to return it. But I bought the charger and I'm stuck with it. Thought instead of throwing it out I'd offer it for free here. It cost me $30...
  9. B

    Battery charger blinks green, will not charge

    I just received my camera back from yuneec for repairs, I go to charge the battery and the charger just blinks green and will not charge. I checked to ensure all connections are correct and the fuse does not appear to be blown. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  10. T

    steady grip mod

    has anyone here tried this mod for their SteadyGrip? How to: Simple Lipo upgrade for the Steadygrip, tripple run time basically use a Zippy flightmax 1000mah 3s 25 battery instead of AA batteries. can i use the Yuneec 3s charger to charge up the Zippy? please help. update ===== after reading...
  11. J

    Bad battery or charger? please help!

    So I received my Typhoon H early this morning today and unfortunately either my battery or charger is defective. When I plug the battery in to the dock nothing happens the green flashing light keeps flashing green but some times it beeps with a blue flashing light. Has anyone had this issue...
  12. J

    3rd Party Charger

    OK I have been looking around for a charger that will allow me to not only charge my batteries but also balance them out to a safe storage voltage. I have been fully charging them and then running them down to a storage voltage but as you can imagine this is sort of a pain. I am looking at the...