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  1. Thomas111

    ST16 clock

    Ok when got the ST16 on the clock is 1hr behind checked the time difference is set to London/Dublin so changed the HR then come out the screens back on to my camera screen their the clock is back to 1 hr behind again any of yous had this problem
  2. Chris McMillan

    ST16 Clock fixed?

    Still trying to get the time right on the ST16. I've got the original Advanced model.... tried all the suggestions re correcting the "hour out" error but nothing works. Anyone had any luck getting the system clock to hold the correct time?
  3. P

    Setting the Clock to local daylight savings time?

    I have not found the procedure in the manual to set my ST16 clock to my local time zone (Eastern Daylight savings). I have tried selecting an East Coast city (NYC) but the GMT - 4 hrs is incorrect (for this time of year), and displays the local time as an hour earlier than it really is. Also...