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ST16 clock

May 10, 2017
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Ok when got the ST16 on the clock is 1hr behind checked the time difference is set to London/Dublin so changed the HR then come out the screens back on to my camera screen their the clock is back to 1 hr behind again any of yous had this problem
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I don't think there's anyway to permanently change the time zone in the ST16. Reboot the ST16 and it reverts to UTC.
Really? Hmm....I turn on the ST16 and connect to my home wifi, set it to Auto, then set the time zone and it maintains the correct time. I've done this on many ST16's and it's worked properly on all of them.
It depends on your time zone. The ST-16 synchronises it's time through the GPS signal so it has the same time as the Typhoon. It uses a GPS timezone lookup to figure out your local time. However, that may (or may not) account for summer time changes.

The end effect is that - whatever time you set the ST-16 to - when you connect to and fly the Typhoon, it will change the time to 'GPS time'. For some users that means that for six months of the year, the time will be an hour out.

As far as I'm aware, no-one has found a way to override this behaviour. Changing the time manually will be overridden on your next flight.
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Right that would explain it then as it only changed back once I was up in the air when I noticed it had changed from when I changed it

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