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  1. DoomMeister

    Breeze Compendium of How To’s

    To make more room on the lead page for recent posts and keep important topics readily available, this thread will list threads that were formerly “stickied”. https://yuneecpilots.com/threads/how-to-tell-if-my-phone-tablet-or-pad-is-compatible-with-the-breeze.12910/...
  2. B

    Rock-solid 80m in Europe: solved for 15EUR.

    As stated in some of my previous posts I have been really annoyed by the max height I could get with my Yuneec Breeze, I felt really disappointed and even cheated by Yuneec. I mean: I have not expected much for 750 PLN (~170 EUR), but at least 50m to be solid. I own two phones: Xiaomi Mi A1 and...
  3. DoomMeister

    How To: Setup the Comfast CF-WR370AC or CF-WR371AC for Use With the Breeze

    The only difference in these two models is that the WR371AC has external antennas and WR370AC does not. 1) Set the band switch to 5.8 G on the Comfast. 2) Place the Comfast into the power brick and hold the reset button for about 10 seconds (when you release it you will get an orange indicator...
  4. P

    Breeze Range Extender

    Hi Is there any way we can fly breeze futher away than what's stated on the box? At times I just need that extra few feet/meters but I end up losing wifi. Can I buy something for my iPhone to extend the range of my wifi connection? Thanks all P