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Rock-solid 80m in Europe: solved for 15EUR.

Mar 15, 2019
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As stated in some of my previous posts I have been really annoyed by the max height I could get with my Yuneec Breeze, I felt really disappointed and even cheated by Yuneec. I mean: I have not expected much for 750 PLN (~170 EUR), but at least 50m to be solid.

I own two phones: Xiaomi Mi A1 and Xiaomi Mi4. Using the stock firmware (1.47_F) I could not fly over 50m: above 40m video started to be pretty much useless and often connection dropped totally - using both phones.

Then I have experimented with other firmwares: 1.39_E and 1.39_A using same mobile devices. For my Xiaomi Mi A1 it resulted with even shorter distances (like 20m) as often it started to connect using SRD (25mW) bands. I had my Xiaomi Mi4 rooted so experimented with switching to USA region, but it also never really gave me anything solid above 40m (probably has a hw power-lock for European market and changes in software do nothing).

I have of course came across the Comfast thread, ordered it - it was about 12EUR from China so ordered it.

After setting it up to my own region (Poland, tried also Germany as was afraid that maybe Poland is coded badly in it) I have started experiments with 1.39_E and 1.47_F. There was an improvement: I have managed to get stable video above 40m and control over 50m - yet 60m was still a limit: video problems around 50m, connection often lost when ~60m.

Then I have tried using USA region between drone and comfast hoping that maybe comfast can use more power than the mobile device - therefore:

1) I have installed 1.39_A (USA) firmware.

2) Set comfast as in the screenshot:


and paired with my drone.

3) Built myself a small holder for a powerbank and comfast (a smaller one would suit better, but I own only a Xiaomi 20000mAh one :) ) using two cheapest tripod phone holders (each for 4PLN ~ 1EUR):


4) And made a lot of tests during different weather - all results were the same: minor video problems above 70m (sometimes glitchy as in the screenshot, but still updating, never totally dropping):



but what is most important no loss of control ever - up to the geofence of 80m.

I hope that at least someone finds that at least somehow helpful!

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