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  1. R

    Compatibility of Q500 4k motors and battery with FC and ESCs of other brands

    Hallo, I am new to the forum and am using a q500 for a limited time/purpose. I know that almost everything in the drone only works with parts from Yuneec. But I was wandering, weather at least the motors and the battery could be used with a flight controller and ESCs from a different...
  2. F

    Yuneec Breeze - Phone/Tablet wifi compatibility list

    IMPORTANT UPDATE! After a firmware update which changes the channel of my Breeze, all my Android devices(Samsung S5 mini, Huawei P9, Huawei P9 lite, Nvidia Shield Tablet K1) can now see the Breeze, read more about it here: ;) Modify the default wifi channel It seems like Yuneec Breeze has a...
  3. FlyBry

    Yuneek Typhoon h HDW-S/W-REV Case & Compatibility Database

    Gents, There has been too many Firmware Upgrade anomalies to trust that Yuneek will properly address this issues themselves but there are some actions we can take to get to the bottom of this or at least assist Yuneek in resolving these problems. I have some experience in the electronics...