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  1. B

    H plus cannot link Copter anymore, Camera works fine (after latest, big Update)

    Have a problem with a H plus and getting crazy plus a very bad taste of the Hotline in Germany. I ran the last big Update and my H plus was - since purchased new - no longer in the Air before, then 3 times up to 3 meters and ... minutes. Last weekend I finally want to go to fly with my son...
  2. Derrvish

    Smartphone and CGO-3

    Help is needed. I can not connect my smartphone to the camera. There is no camera in the list of clients. A smartphone does not see it as such ... Does not see the camera is also a program on a smart, such as a WiFi analyzer. A laptop and a stationary PC camera are seen, and are connected via a...
  3. R

    Breeze connects quickly, but doesn't reconnect

    I don't know if this is a heat issue, weird bug, or if it's actually some kind of security feature. I flew my Breeze for the first real time today. I had paired the phone and drone a while ago, and as soon as I turned on the drone, the phone connected right away. However, when I tried to connect...
  4. W

    Camera won't Initialize or connect (post crash)

    I was busy avoiding obstacles and wind gusts and forgot to lower the landing gear, ended up "landing" on the camera. Now the camera won't initialize and the console can't connect to it. Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks
  5. S

    Q500+help with camera connect and calibration

    I have a Typhoon Q500+. Last year it crashed on my first ever flight and I had it fixed by Yuneec and it was a product issue, not pilot error. I never got around to flying it again. Today I tried, couldn't get it to calibrate, my friend and I thought maybe we should hit reset in the menu, now...