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  1. trailrunnerx

    Guffrida Park, Meriden, CT Feedback encouraged

    Friends, took a little flight at this local park, footage didn't quite come out to my expectations, but I tried to edit what I had in to a short video, I'm obviously very new at piloting and taking video with this platform, but I am enjoying the leaning curve.
  2. trailrunnerx

    Another River Video

    So the day prior to the video I posted I had gone and taken another at the same location, after the comment about having the horizon visible I decided to post this one as well, I thought it was crap but maybe it's a bit more compelling, I do love the shot of the bridge in the distance.
  3. trailrunnerx

    Icy Connecticut River Central CT from Typhoon H

    Took a quick shot of the ice jam currently near my home, need to figure out how to make my videos more dynamic, think maybe slide the control closer to "rabbit" lol