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controller issue

  1. WTFDproject

    Check your hardware monitor

    It's early in the flying season. Folks are starting to fly birds that have been in storage for weeks or even months. And we are seeing an increase in reports linked to bad controller performance that occurred during flight. Please make it a habit to check your stick / slider/ knobs / etc. in...
  2. K

    ST16 controller EFI problem

    Hello, Started receiving "efi hard drive boot failed" message on the ST16's screen when powered on, and does not go away when I power off. I've had to disconnect and then reconnect the battery and then power on again for the controller to again function properly. This happens at odd intervals...
  3. G

    Breeze controller won’t charge

    Well picked up my Breeze today at Walmart and the controller want change. Tried the USB port on the computer and two diffrent phone chargers. Will only blink 1 blue led after about 4 hours of charging. Called Yuneec and hold time is 89 minutes. LOL back to Walmart tomorrow to exchange for...
  4. J

    Controller Not tilting Camera

    Just purchased Breeze w/ controller at Walmart. When in controller mode the camera would not move up or down. Called tech support and explained problem. Tech said they had heard of the problem. He sent me a email with update to Firmware for controller. Installed, all is working GREAT now!!!!
  5. W

    Controller will not charge

    Purchased the Breeze 4k a week or so ago. Finally opened the box today. Followed the instructions to the letter, but couldn't get the controller to charge. When the supplied USB cable didn't work, I tried several other cables and chargers just in case. All with the same result. Seems like a bad...
  6. D

    UAV not conecting to ST16 controler

    So tried to fly earlier today, but could not get the controller to connect to the drone. Tried a few things including powering off and back up, binding etc. Checked for updates, nothing newer than what I currently have. In system settings we refreshed a few times to see if the aircraft would...
  7. A

    Controller issue's

    My controller is starting to switch between full screen and normal screen modes. I have removed the battery and replaced it. I have fully charged it. I have reinstalled the software. When you press the controller settings button and it goes to the info page it shows you a list, Controller model...