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  1. DarienR1

    Typhoon H Plus issues with ST16S controller

    Hello Everyone, It has been a while since I've posted an issue, but alas, the problems pursue me. I had my Typhoon H Plus in storage for a while (about 2 years). The batteries don't hold a charge and one comes up with a blue light when put in the OEM Charger, and for some reason, I had to...
  2. S1lent

    Increase connectivity range, antenna mod.

    Hi guys, I was flying my drone yesterday, and I noticed that my connection tends to be quite fragile, even flying in an open area. After a meter of 150m, my drone even dc'd once and flew back, but has no trouble of going into the air 270 meters straight from the spot it departed. Anyway, when...
  3. Slimto3

    St-12 v St-10

    Everyone keeps referring to the St-10 controller. Q-500 came with a St-12. Is there a difference?
  4. N

    Yuneec controller

    Does anyone know what source code is used in the controllers or is an appilication that allows you to customs each function of the buttons on the controller. I would love to use the triggers as the throttle, left analog stick to controller the gimbal, and the top bumpers for yawn like Grand...
  5. C

    Yuneec breeze controller take off/land button reconfigured itself as a back button

    My breeze controller connected to phone fine and worked well but then one day when connected I couldn't take off, the start button/ take off/ land button acts as a back button and exits out of controller mode screen.
  6. C

    Typhoon G Transmitter

    Does anyone know where I can find a controller for my typhoon G? Also may need a new receiver.. Thank you any help is appreciated. Very new to the drone scene:)
  7. G

    Breeze controller won’t charge

    Well picked up my Breeze today at Walmart and the controller want change. Tried the USB port on the computer and two diffrent phone chargers. Will only blink 1 blue led after about 4 hours of charging. Called Yuneec and hold time is 89 minutes. LOL back to Walmart tomorrow to exchange for...
  8. M

    Breeze Controller

    Hi, Have an issue with the controller. If i press R2 for the help menu it appears. If i press R2 it goes away but when i let go of R2 the help menu for the controller buttons is displayed again. How do i get back to camera? Is it a faulty controller? It was used like new from amazon so will...
  9. W

    Controller will not charge

    Purchased the Breeze 4k a week or so ago. Finally opened the box today. Followed the instructions to the letter, but couldn't get the controller to charge. When the supplied USB cable didn't work, I tried several other cables and chargers just in case. All with the same result. Seems like a bad...
  10. Breizhdrone

    Stickers for Typhoon H from www.uavstickers.com

    Hi, 2 sets of stickers for Typhoon H by www.uavstickers.com: For ST16 groundstation and Wizard... Personalized Identity Set This set includes valuable, color coordinated stickers for new & experienced pilots that are flying the Yuneec Typhoon H aircraft. Many of the stickers are common sense...
  11. J

    Hacking Any Bluetooth gamepad to Breeze

    hello hello my friends I am new to the breeze scene had very successful flights yesterday and have been researching and lurking the forums for the past 24 hours in a frenzy. it is unfortunate to hear of so many people people are having connection issues with the WiFi and I hope this does not...
  12. E

    Crashing after clicking on FPV mode

    Hi , when im using my iPad 2017 edition with the breeze controler for flying my the Breeze it allways crashes when im clicking on the FPV symbol After the crash im on the Home screen of IOS I have got the latest version of all and ive got this problem for a half a year ago with my Handy...
  13. L

    Windows Tablet As Controller? Any Ideas

    I've tried using AmiDUoS and Bluestacks with no luck. Has anyone been able to get the Breeze to work with a Windows (10) tablet? I'd like to see my video live on a larger screen. If there a way to see the video separately from while controlling the Breeze with my phone if no...
  14. T

    Video Drops on ST10

    I typically drop video link on my ST10 when reaching altitudes above 340 feet. I always have a clear line of sight and point the ST10 at the Q500 4k. Doesn't seem to help. Dropping the video feed on the ST10 makes it hard to get the perfect photo or video clip. Has anybody been able to boost the...
  15. B

    Typhoon h team mode

    Hey first time posting here. I've been flying my Typhoon H for about 4 months now and want to start using it in team mode for better shots. I really don't want to buy another ST16 for that. Does anybody have any suggestions on a different one that would work. It doesn't have to have a screen...
  16. yerrickl

    Bad st16 pro Controller

    First flight before work! Livid!!! Charged up the batteries calibrated everything and was ready to go. Hit the start button. Quiet motors spinning! Angle mode. Step back. Hit up nothing. Ok I wait. Hit the left toggle up nothing!!! Called yuneec. Calibration controller test. Failed J1 J2 only...
  17. Haydn

    ### BOUGHT ### WTB - Wizard Waterproof Case/Pouch

    I am after a Wizard Waterproof pouch/case. I gave mine away with my advanced, thinking the pro would come with one... I would really like one again. Sent to Portland, Oregon. Pay with PayPal I pay fees. thanks Haydn
  18. Z

    Alternative to Team Mode?

    Hey, As a newcomer to Drone photography and to this forum I do not know much about the goings-on. However, I have setup and used the Team Mode option to control camera while following a mountain biker with the Wizard Controller. This feature is awesome because I have full camera control on the...