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cruise control

  1. Chris McMillan

    A cautionary "H" problem, and fix

    My "H" is now over 1 year old, and up until recently behaving itself really well. I download each of the firmware/software. I'm currently on the latest (B30). I had been happily using the newer feature of "Cruise Control" from last September's update, namely the "DPad" buttons for camera and...
  2. Chris McMillan

    Trim control on the H

    I had been using the "Cruise control" feature with the DPads until a while back. Went to use it today, tapped the DPad, a screen popped up to explain how I could get out of the feature.... but nothing happened..... hit it a few times to start, gave it a bit of "Rabbit" speed....zilch. I've read...
  3. T

    Cruise Control Question...

    Hey folks...Happy Holidays To Everyone! I recently upgraded the firmware to the latest (had not done it since September), so I'm just wrapping my head around the new features. My question is on the Cruise Control using the D-Pad. Is it just me, or does the H only change direction when you...

    LOVE the new Firmware features!

    As a follow-on to my video showing "how to update the firmware on the Typhoon H & ST16", I made a quick video about the new features. This is one firmware update where I really like the new features. I can certainly make use of all of them! Well done Yuneec! Here is the vid: