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customer service

  1. K

    Yuneecs Future in the US

    Many people are complaining and concerned. Parts are very hard to get if not impossible. Customer Service used to be great.But now OMG dang impossible. HMMM Batteries for the 920 Forget about it. To Many People are left hanging. All comments And gripes welcome.
  2. K

    Customer Service Now

    Has anyone tried to contact Yuneec customer service in the last week or so ? What have been your experiences ? All comments welcome Thank You Keith Kuhn
  3. K

    Breeze RTH Fail

    Hello, I'm a new Breeze owner and just experienced a catastrophic Return to Home failure. I had the Breeze in the air for awhile and the battery was getting low, about 30% so I decided to try RTH. It flew back nice and slow at about 30ft high, when it was over it's home location it descended...
  4. ThunderChicken

    How many of you pilots have gotten your uas replaced by Yuneec?

    I have seen a few postings in which your multi rotor aircraft was replaced after a fly away or hard crash and was just wondering? What was the failure? How hard did you have to fight with them? I seem to have good luck with them and have been happy with the exception of long hold times. I have...
  5. B

    My Typhoon H Experience

    I’m a 3-year drone pilot and consider myself tech savvy. Started with DJI then switched to Yuneec beginning with the Q4K, then added the H in September 2016. What a train wreck product and deteriorating customer service in the last year. Done, already went back to DJI products. You let me down...
  6. S

    Excellent Yuneec Customer Service

    I have a Phantom 4 and a Typhoon H Pro. I love both. I have received superb customer service from Yuneec. Way beyond my expectations. I do not like the fact that the H climbs to 10 meters when you switch out of Angle mode. I usually fly at low altitudes. This resulted in my H climbing into an...
  7. S

    Lessons I learned the hard way

    Hi all I'm fairly new to drones, and much of what follows will reflect that. I'm sure the more experienced pilots here will read this and think "Yep, that's obvious." But maybe some of the other newcomers will learn from my experience. A few weeks ago I flew my THP for the first time. The...
  8. Nuance

    Yuneec UK CS is amazing!

    I just wanted to share my experience with Yuneec UK CS. I have had two separate issues with my TH since i bought it in June. 1. TH fell out of the sky and was destroyed as a result. I called Yuneec CS and returned the TH and the following day had a brand new one as a replacement. No questions...

    Yuneec Customer Service vs DJI Customer Service... Which is Better?

    So I've been given a bad luck gift of having a DJI Phantom 3 (defective) and a Typhoon H (defective). Both were very new and both have been returned to they're California location for repair or replacement. I have several other Phantoms which work amazingly (knock on wood). I've never used...
  10. John K. Fitzgerald

    Yuneec Customer Service Issue......

    A little story about my experiance with Yuneec's customer service. The following is an email i sent to Yuneec after my patience had run it's course while waiting for the return of my Q. ....."Last November I purchased the Q500 4k , I did a lot of research as it was between this and the DJI...