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Breeze RTH Fail


Jan 20, 2019
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Hello, I'm a new Breeze owner and just experienced a catastrophic Return to Home failure. I had the Breeze in the air for awhile and the battery was getting low, about 30% so I decided to try RTH. It flew back nice and slow at about 30ft high, when it was over it's home location it descended super fast, it seemed to spin up the motors just before impact, but not enough and hit the ground hard and then bounced up and under power went to about 12ft, then the Low Battery Warning flashed on the screen and almost immediately the motors just stopped and it crashed to the ground. Parts flew everywhere, landing gear, prop guards and the bottom plate. The bottom plate is cracked, the sensor lens is broken and the power button is broken, including the actual micro switch. I can turn it on by shorting the switch, but the wifi doesn't work and it wont connect by USB. The lights at the power switch blink blue, but non of the lights on the arms light up. The last flight log on my phone is for a 3:44 minute flight, I think the fatal flight was around 10 minutes since it was a full battery. I sent an email to Yuneec and hope they will cover this under warranty. Does anybody have any suggestions for connecting to the Breeze to get the flight log and the photos from the fatal flight. I'm afraid to reset it as that might erase any log data.
Sorry to hear of your troubles with the Breeze Kev. Here are the instructions for getting your FlightLog files How To: Save Breeze Telemetry (FlightLog files). Be sure to save all that are there in the zip file you create and post it here using the Attach files button as well as sending to Yuneec CS when they request it. We can analyze the data you do have.

Retrieving pics or video is unlikely since it is stored on the Breeze and you cannot connect by WiFi or USB.

Yuneec will never answer an unsolicited email. You need to contact them using a full browser (not mobile even requesting full site) at http://yuneec.com/support and select Speak to a Pro then schedule a support phone call. You can try using Live Chat but that has been next to impossible to get anyone.

One last question. Do you fly with just or phone or with the Bluetooth controller? If you use the controller you will have no FlightLog data showing the Breeze in the air. From your description if you purchased the Breeze within the past year you should be covered by warranty.
I can tell from your telemetry that you use an Android device to fly with by the nonsensical numbering system for the file names. Also the date and time is in UTC which is typical of Android devices. Your files show many connections to the Breeze, but only one showed the Breeze lifting off in Orbit mode, then that file abruptly terminated. I did see that most files were finding very few satellites, yet it appears you are in a very open area at your home in southern CA.

I don't think there will be much of a problem with Yuneec CS once you contact them. To get live Chat try from a little after 8AM until 8:30AM then again from just after 1PM until 1:30PM. Still best to schedule a phone support call though.
I hope you are right about warranty coverage. I will keep trying to contact them.
Do you think that the number of satellites it found was abnormal? I am in an open area, I was getting frustrated with it's inability to find satellites. I was thinking that something might be wrong out of the box.
I’m thinking the GPS unit may have had some problems. In Florida and Michigan I could get GPS lock indoors as well as outside. I seldom had less than 14 and usually 17 or 18 for satellite count. Indoors I could get 11 or 12 to get a blue GPS icon on the top right.

I don’t believe that caused the crash, but it usually takes very little time for the Breeze to get a decent satellite count.

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