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  1. J

    Windows or iOS?

    Hi all, I’m looking to replace my creaking PC and an considering swapping to Mac, but I’m unsure if this will have any impact on compatibility with Datapilot or synching out to the android-based ST16e. Does anybody here have experience of operating datapilot etc on a Mac? Would be great to hear...
  2. B

    Problems importing KML or shapefiles into DataPilot v2.1.10

    Starting out question again (I have looked on forums and handbook, but no detail found). I am looking to import either KML or shapefiles into missions on DataPilot (v2.1.20) to create flight areas ready for surveying (the polygons are forest areas and quite difficult to identify from looking...
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  5. chascoadmin

    Any Firmware Issues

    Is anyone having any problems with this firmware combo on the H520? Mostly in Survey Mode... I have noticed a few things lately that I have reported, but was curious if anyone else had any feedback?
  6. slw74

    Would you please give me some advice on survey programming with my H520?

    I have been flying Typhoon H 480's for a couple of years which has been lots of fun and only 3 crashes. Fortunately, I can typically fix everything myself. I have ended up with 3 working H's over those couple of years. I have been able to gain confidence and experience through successes and...
  7. D

    Datapilot stops during flight

    last flight datapilot stops on ST16S, it restarts but i have a 1 to 2 minutes no camera view. Controls are ok but it is scary. Sombody same problem here ?
  8. Morten

    DataPilot (or equivalent official software from Yuneec)

    Hi Does the DataPilot work for the Typhoon H Prof. (Not H520).... If not WHY NOT?? If yes...how do I connect the Typhoon? Does Yuneec have plans to release the DataPilot for us meager Thyphoon H Proff. owners (why not) ...when or doYuneec hav equivalent software to do the same job, for US ...