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  3. chascoadmin

    Any Firmware Issues

    Is anyone having any problems with this firmware combo on the H520? Mostly in Survey Mode... I have noticed a few things lately that I have reported, but was curious if anyone else had any feedback?
  4. slw74

    Would you please give me some advice on survey programming with my H520?

    I have been flying Typhoon H 480's for a couple of years which has been lots of fun and only 3 crashes. Fortunately, I can typically fix everything myself. I have ended up with 3 working H's over those couple of years. I have been able to gain confidence and experience through successes and...
  5. D

    Datapilot stops during flight

    last flight datapilot stops on ST16S, it restarts but i have a 1 to 2 minutes no camera view. Controls are ok but it is scary. Sombody same problem here ?
  6. Morten

    DataPilot (or equivalent official software from Yuneec)

    Hi Does the DataPilot work for the Typhoon H Prof. (Not H520).... If not WHY NOT?? If yes...how do I connect the Typhoon? Does Yuneec have plans to release the DataPilot for us meager Thyphoon H Proff. owners (why not) ...when or doYuneec hav equivalent software to do the same job, for US ...