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datapilot v1.3.15

  1. MacSide

    DataPilot Planner v 1.3.15 Offline Maps

    Hello all! I'm a new H520 user and am baffled with the PC DataPilot planner. Would someone please help me with the following. When I open the app, the orange Y icon is always in Paraguay. When I select center on current location, nothing seems to happen. When I create an offline map with my...
  2. D

    Datapilot planner "offline maps"

    Hi, I have a H520 since last week and i have a problem: When I download offline maps with datapilotplanner on my Mac and the I sync them with my st16s, I did not see them on my controller. The datapilot planner on my Mac sent them and give me a notice that everything is ok and done. Is there...
  3. claudius62

    WARNING DANGER - DataPilot V1.3.15

    Last night, I looked at the new datapilot 1.3.15 on a mission I had done successfully. I reloaded on this new datapilot and except for a beautiful graphic in the lower left corner that is supposed to give us the altitude of the ground but that is useless since it gives us no numerical indication...