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  1. R

    Compatibility of Q500 4k motors and battery with FC and ESCs of other brands

    Hallo, I am new to the forum and am using a q500 for a limited time/purpose. I know that almost everything in the drone only works with parts from Yuneec. But I was wandering, weather at least the motors and the battery could be used with a flight controller and ESCs from a different...
  2. J

    Unusual motor problem

    Hi, I've recently received a Typhoon H from a friend, who hasn't used it in some time. After charging the batteries and ST16, and some light troubleshooting, I managed to get it ready to fly. However, when hitting the start/stop button, all the props start moving back and forth, and stop...
  3. P

    rear right motor problem.

    not sure how Yuneec number the motors, but I am having a problem with rear right motor. It starts fine, but during the acceleration, motor tries to spin the other direction, or stops spinning. Connected the motor to another airplane esc and complete tx/rx for testing. Motor runs smooth...
  4. K

    All lights on, centre light flashing, annoying tune playing - see vid. Please help!

    Hi all, Really needing your help with my Q500 repairs! I had a crash and needed to replace an ESC. A new one has been installed but now the drone isn't connecting to the GUI. It now places a somewhat elaborate tune (which is slowly driving me mad), all rear/front lights are on permanently and...
  5. C

    Q500 motor and esc question NEED HELP

    Hi Everyone So i crashed my q500 bought a replacement chassis did the swap it was all good until i realized that the esc and the led's are specif it to each motor .. so if you haven't guessed already i have mismatched the motors and esc's i have everything soldered back up.. and tested...
  6. C

    Drone School of Hard Knocks

    Ok, my first drone, Typhoon Q500 4K, is turning out to be a BLAST as I learn how all the various technologies come together to provide an exhilarating flying experience. I direct a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) camp for young people. I'm always looking for new technologies to...