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  1. Rubik

    My Favorite Place to Fly

    This was shot late in the day with my Typhoon H and CGO3+ camera. Note the rush hour commute backup and Mt. Rainier on the left. The TH is 400' above ground. There is still a slight haze due to forest fires nearby. You can see how we are losing good valley bottom farmland to industrial...

    VIDEO Camera Features - Histogram, Burst, Timelapse, Panoramic, Exposure, File Format

    I had to time play with the new camera settings on Sunday and put together this video showing all the new camera features on the Typhoon H.
  3. FilmIdol

    Multiple still pic captures are darker

    I have this weird problem where if I capture a still image and then another, it is darker. For example, if I capture four images in a row, each successive capture will be about a half stop darker. I have to point the lens elsewhere to have it auto adjust, then reframe my shot to properly expose...

    Anyone try HDR with the Typhoon H - Left D Pad?

    This evening was very cold and overcast.... Dull looking. Since the last two firmware updates added the Exposure Value control to the left "D-PAD", I thought it would be handy if one wanted to do a Bracket Exposure. Since the Typhoon can hold it's position in the sky pretty well, I thought it...

    How to get GREAT looking VIDEO out of the CGO3+

    I finally had some time to edit together a long overdue video showing how to get great looking video out of the CGO3+ camera. With a little knowledge, the CGO3+ can take videos as good as the P4 camera. I couldn't cover everything or else it would have been an hour long video. I hope some of...