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first flight

  1. Done-guy

    New h plus out of the box check for issues

    Made a previous post about a possibly lost typhoon-H plus. Well it’s apparently coming today. I’m a little weary in regards to buying a drone off eBay because there’s a point where, when checking for proper operations, if something is not right, a manufacturer would allow a return no questions...
  2. W

    1st flight attempt - Major Mistake!

    Read the official manual - check Read the MUCH BETTER community manual - check Watch a bunch of official videos on first time flight and setup - check Wait for 15 minutes for first time GPS satellite acquisition - check Do the initial compass and accelerometer calibrations - check...
  3. Davidjrccp

    First flight

    After much research I decided on. Y first drone the Typhoon Q500 4q I made sure firmware was up to date. Calibrated controller and updated firmware on copter. When I finally was ready to fly. The drone is all over the place. It won't hold a steady hover. I tried to calibrate the compass but was...