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fly away

  1. N

    Realsense released, caused unexpected behavior

    Hey, I see a few posts on fly aways and I wanted to post this. I was flying in a corridor with trees to the left and the right. (realsense set to on and I was in manual mode) I flew the typhoon out to just over 100 feet away and turned the typhoon around to fly back to me. The typhoon became...
  2. M

    Renegade Breeze

    Got the Breeze and have been happily flying it for the past few months training for aerial photos/videos of our vacation. I put it up in the air while on the beach in Maldives. The Breeze lost connection multiple times and was not responding to inputs. I was finally able to regain control and...
  3. AS apex

    Typhoon H flyaway.

    I had a Typhoon H flyaway a couple of weeks ago. All previous flights were flawless. No warnings or pilot errors. It banked to the right after completing a 180 turn in hover and flew out of control into the pucker brush. Luckily it was only about 50ft high when it went rogue. The damage is...
  4. S

    Update on my "Bad Bird" Typhoon H Pro that flew the coop (fly away)

    I posted at the end of January about my Bad Bird Flyaway which ended up a 100' skinny tree in a forest of sorts and was not accessible. The detailed can be found in this forum. Anyway, Yuneec did the right thing and replace all of it. Took a little over a month but they were great and easy to...
  5. shanecsws

    fly away

    My Bird flew away yesterday or should say last night and i dont know how to find it
  6. S

    Fly Away - Typhoon H Pro (after firmware update)

    I installed the latest firmware updated and checked both the controller and a/c for it. As instructed, I erased all previous data. Then rebound camera and controller. Re-checked all settings including 121 meter RTH altitude. Calibrated IMU and Compass. All batteries freshly charged. I took...
  7. S

    Q500 4K Attempted to fly away, then almost crashed. Telemetry included

    Hey guys, I recently did a compass calibration and it apparently succeeded. I've been noticing I lose left stick control when attempting to turn through 360 degrees while stationary, hence why I recalibrated. I then tested the craft and noticed it attempted to fly away. I flipped the switch to...
  8. C

    Drone School of Hard Knocks

    Ok, my first drone, Typhoon Q500 4K, is turning out to be a BLAST as I learn how all the various technologies come together to provide an exhilarating flying experience. I direct a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) camp for young people. I'm always looking for new technologies to...