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fly away

  1. S

    H920 lost connection (fly-away)

    Hi, may I ask you a question: I have purchased Tornado H920 (not plus) with ST24, ST12, and CGO4. During my second flight test, drone lost the connection with ST24 and flew away... It happened in an open field, when the drone was only 80 m above ground, and approx. 200 m away from the...
  2. H

    Typhoon H commited suicide after 2 years of great friendship

    Very sad day in my life. I lost my friend, after 2 years. In this crazy times i went very far away from town to fly my Typhoon H. Weather was perfect. Perfect day. Middle of nowhere this happened: Typhoon H is now officialy dead. Brokent parts: Left landing gear 3x arms with mounts top and...
  3. N

    Realsense released, caused unexpected behavior

    Hey, I see a few posts on fly aways and I wanted to post this. I was flying in a corridor with trees to the left and the right. (realsense set to on and I was in manual mode) I flew the typhoon out to just over 100 feet away and turned the typhoon around to fly back to me. The typhoon became...
  4. M

    Renegade Breeze

    Got the Breeze and have been happily flying it for the past few months training for aerial photos/videos of our vacation. I put it up in the air while on the beach in Maldives. The Breeze lost connection multiple times and was not responding to inputs. I was finally able to regain control and...
  5. AS apex

    Typhoon H flyaway.

    I had a Typhoon H flyaway a couple of weeks ago. All previous flights were flawless. No warnings or pilot errors. It banked to the right after completing a 180 turn in hover and flew out of control into the pucker brush. Luckily it was only about 50ft high when it went rogue. The damage is...
  6. S

    Update on my "Bad Bird" Typhoon H Pro that flew the coop (fly away)

    I posted at the end of January about my Bad Bird Flyaway which ended up a 100' skinny tree in a forest of sorts and was not accessible. The detailed can be found in this forum. Anyway, Yuneec did the right thing and replace all of it. Took a little over a month but they were great and easy to...
  7. shanecsws

    fly away

    My Bird flew away yesterday or should say last night and i dont know how to find it
  8. S

    Fly Away - Typhoon H Pro (after firmware update)

    I installed the latest firmware updated and checked both the controller and a/c for it. As instructed, I erased all previous data. Then rebound camera and controller. Re-checked all settings including 121 meter RTH altitude. Calibrated IMU and Compass. All batteries freshly charged. I took...
  9. S

    Q500 4K Attempted to fly away, then almost crashed. Telemetry included

    Hey guys, I recently did a compass calibration and it apparently succeeded. I've been noticing I lose left stick control when attempting to turn through 360 degrees while stationary, hence why I recalibrated. I then tested the craft and noticed it attempted to fly away. I flipped the switch to...
  10. C

    Drone School of Hard Knocks

    Ok, my first drone, Typhoon Q500 4K, is turning out to be a BLAST as I learn how all the various technologies come together to provide an exhilarating flying experience. I direct a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) camp for young people. I'm always looking for new technologies to...